Annual Report 2018/19 Year in Review

Activities included:

Chaplaincy services on 5 campuses across Sydney (UNSW, USYD, MQ, UTS, and UWS)

Friday Night Dinner every Friday night— a welcoming dinner for all people of all ages and stages: 2,413 Dinner guests this year

Supporting people in need of support and assistance with financial, emotional, and spiritual help.
            Welfare distributions this year: $38,089.18.
            Pastoral care at all hours of the night and day
            Chat/advice/mentoring to all who called

Jewish Holidays:

            Dinners and events- 1,232 Guests

            Rosh Hashana- 610 Pieces of Honey Cake distributed

Yom Kippur- 124 Shofar blasts

Sukkot- 73 shakes of the lulav and esrog

Simchat Torah Dinner and All night dancing

Chanukah- Menorah distribution

Purim- 423 care packages delivered, 5 megillah readings

Pesach- 137 pieces of Matzah, delivered free to students, 2 seders with 50+ in attendance

 Lag B'Omer- Bonfire and jam session attended by 50+

Shavuot-160 pieces of cheesecake

and more!

Tefillin Wrapping- 2+ a week all year long

Responding to  anti-semitism and cultivating Jewish pride

Sinai Scholars- 9 Graduates, 1 First place winner at the International Symposium held in Canada

Online Shiurim (Classes) - 26,275 participations

Women's Rosh Chodesh group- Hosted every month


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