JLI Courses for 2021-2022


Beyond Right. The values that shape Judaism’s civil code

This course combines the study of Jewish values with the exploration of practical and relevant halachic questions. In the six lessons of this course we discuss fundamental Jewish values such as lifnim mishuras hadinarvus, and teshuvah—and demonstrate how these values guide and shape Jewish civil law. The goal of this course is to teach students the true meaning of Jewish values and what makes Jewish civil law uniquely Jewish.



Outsmarting Antisemitism

Against the backdrop of a recent uptick in antisemitism and the increased anxiety it has brought to the Jewish community, this course sets out to beat this age-old cancer—with purpose, positivity, and pride. Marshaling historical analysis, Talmudic sources, Jewish mysticism, and contemporary expert analysis, the four lessons of this course provide insight, perspective, practical direction, and personal reassurance to motivate and inspire proud, fearless Jewish life.



Meditation from Sinai. Divine spirituality to help you think, feel and live deeper

This course will explore the world of authentic Torah- and Chasidus-based meditation and spirituality in a down-to-earth and accessible way. Capitalizing on the popularity of meditation and mindfulness, this course will expose students to the unique Jewish approach to meditation, give them practical techniques to incorporate these teachings in their lives, and communicate Chasidic teachings in an entirely new light.